Draft definition of a potential zoning type

Draft definition of a potential zoning type

*Definition of Sustainable Community:* “A multi-family, land based,
agricultural organization involved with ecological and sustainable
practices, education and research in areas of farming, gardening,
renewable energy, alternative building, recycling, local self reliance,
waste management, co-operative social structures and cultural activities.”
This is to me a draft definition of a potential zoning type/classification, and heads toward the same outcome – legislation establishing a new type of zoning – that was done by OUR Ecovillage et al in British Columbia.
Addresses also this…
…Main problems are
around zoning, building codes, health department codes, but not in the
farming practices. Grey water, composting toilets, non-ag social
activities, communal living, alternative building materials and design,
building uses, having more than one residence on a TMK, over 15 acres
for a special use permit.
…multiple uses and multiple alternatives within one zoning category, which is what we need a variety of.
With a NM style approach, the burden is on each project/group each time to get individual approval for specifically what they want to do. Fighting the same battles over and over seems a distinct possibility.
New (or amended) zoning categories that address multiple needs at once means those zonings are “ready to use” – instead of having to fight for the same exceptions over and over, they’re in the zoning code.
John S.

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