Who decides on permits and laws?

Who decides on permits and laws?

County planning commission has power to approve or deny specific special use permits, however they don’t make laws. Legislators make (or change) laws. So County council persons – and their staff, both official and unofficial – are key players. Also state legislators (state representatives and . . . → Read More: Who decides on permits and laws?

Special Use Permits (SUP)

Special Use Permits (SUP) in Hawaii

One of the major areas the Alliance is looking at is zoning issues. Many communities want, or maybe even need, to engage in more than the one activity their land is zoned for, such as farming. After much experience and discussion with county planning department . . . → Read More: Special Use Permits (SUP)

SUP Suggestions

SUP Suggestions

Graham Ellis, from the Seaview Performing Arts Center for Education (SPACE), offered other communities the opportunity to add to his application any activities they are interested in applying for at a future date. The idea is to set a precedent with the approval of his application, which should include . . . → Read More: SUP Suggestions

Who approves special permits?

Minutes 11/12  Who approves special permits?

Scott: Even though the Planning Department may not agree and recommends denial of your Special Permit the ultimate decision belongs to the Planning Commission.  Community support, sound arguments and comparative examples will help in getting their approval.   Keep in mind that the mood of the . . . → Read More: Who approves special permits?

Special Permits

Minutes 10/22/2010 Special Permits

Special Permits are applied for to the planning department.  You ask for what you want, then when you get permission you have to deal with all the other county departments, like health, building, police, etc.  That is where we really need to have policy changes. Do all . . . → Read More: Special Permits

Ag tourism laws, zoning exemptions

Agricultural tourism laws, zoning exemptions

10/14/2010 Ag tourism laws: you can get an application from the planning department.  Requirements are: you need to be a farm that makes at least $10,000 per year in agricultural income, which can include any prepared food you sell.  You can’t make any more in tourism . . . → Read More: Ag tourism laws, zoning exemptions