POSITION PAPER of the Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance

WHAT ARE THE KEY FEATURES OF A “SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY?” A sustainable community (SC) consists of one or more households that share a location and the conscious intention to be self-reliant, resilient, resource-conserving, equitable, and ecologically restorative—while providing a good quality of life for community members and future generations. (A household is . . . → Read More: POSITION PAPER of the Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance

We have bumper stickers!

Now we have bumperstickers that say “Legalize Sustainable Living”!   Come to our public meeting and get one!

Oregon Ecovillage links

In Oregon in general, Recode Oregon is a great resource, with relevant activities re code issues in diverse parts of the state: http://www.recodeoregon.org/ Portland is buzzing with related activity. At least seven Cohousing groups listed in the CohoUS directory, find them here by scrolling down to Oregon: https://www.cohousing.org/directory The FIC site . . . → Read More: Oregon Ecovillage links

Planning and Zoning for Ecovillages

The best article l’ve found on Planning and Zoning for Ecovillages is <http://www.smartcommunities.ncat.org/articles/ecoville.shtml> and be sure to check out our sister organization on Maui and their excellent power point presentation on ecovillage zoning <http://mauisustainablecommunities.wikispaces.com/>

YouTube video on Sustainable Communities

Aloha, l just watched this very comprehensive YouTube video on Sustainable Communities presented by Dr. Kelly Cain to the Saulk County, Wisconsin,  Comprehensive Plan Steering group. It has lots of very valuable data that would benefit our cause as well as all Hawaii County sustainability initiatives. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of1ThHkhx74> aloha Graham

Laws encouraging installing residential solar systems

  There was legislation that passed in Vermont in May 2011 and Colorado in June 2011 making it easier and cheaper to install residential solar systems. We support adopting similar legislation in Hawaii in the belief that it will add substantially to Hawaii State’s goal to achieve 70% clean energy by . . . → Read More: Laws encouraging installing residential solar systems

Natural Building Network

Natural Building Network http://nbnetwork.org/  is a not-for-profit membership association promoting natural building principles, materials and practitioners worldwide. We support ecological regeneration, social justice, the building of community and economic opportunity, and the recognition of indigenous wisdom as essential in creating healthy, beautiful, and spiritually-uplifting habitation for everyone.

Bamboo Buildings

Leimana Pelton is the guy responsible for the 6 bamboo structures that Cof H waste management contracted to be built for recycling centers around the island. I’ve asked him to talk about the compromises he had to make to comply with existing code and what code changes would more easily enable . . . → Read More: Bamboo Buildings

“Watson wick” bio-filtration system

I am implementing a “Watson wick” bio-filtration system as part of a project I’m working with on in East Hawai’i. What little info is online is at Art Ludwig’s Oasis Design consulting site (Art is a premier resource for graywater design information): http://www.oasisdesign.net/compostingtoilets/watsonwick.htm There are some unknown number of these designed . . . → Read More: “Watson wick” bio-filtration system


in the realm of what’s already been done, one tiny step is OVE for conventional building: http://www.greenbuilding.com/professionals/green-building-practices-and-technologies/green-building-framing …as well as other alternatives to stick-and-sheetrock building mentioned on this page and elsewhere. This stuff is all OK in many many places around the country and world. So if it’s not OK here, . . . → Read More: www.greenbuilding.com