What is the status of HB111

Dear Ones, Thanks all for your work with this site.  I was just newly directed to it today by Terra of the Hawaiian Sanctuary. I have a large parcel of land, 84 acres, near Leilani yet under current laws and because of county water regulations it can have only one home . . . → Read More: What is the status of HB111

Current Energy & Fuel Issues and Alternatives in Hawaii

This detailed report outlines the issues around the current energy and fuel usages and productions, and presents alternatives in the second half. Very informative! Great reference for the PEIS meetings! Click here for PDF of Life Of the Land PEIS Excerpts: PART II: FOSSIL FUEL IMPACTS Hawai`i Fossil Fuel Impacts Hawai`i’s . . . → Read More: Current Energy & Fuel Issues and Alternatives in Hawaii

Concerns About Geothermal- a Summary

Concerns about geothermal:  from Beth McCormick 1) Putting the state’s energy source in a Lava Zone 1 is a recipe for disaster. “The possibility of an eruption in the geothermal resource or state-wide cable path within any 50-year period is between 60 and 90 percent.” [15] The Chain of Craters Road, which . . . → Read More: Concerns About Geothermal- a Summary

Sustainable Living Research Resolution proposal

PROPOSAL FOR A RESOLUTION BY THE HAWAII COUNTY COUNCIL Concerning Sustainable Living Research Sites in the State of Hawaii 7/1/12   The purpose of this Resolution is to support the worldwide transition to a livable, just, and sustainable civilization, by requesting and urging the Government of the State of Hawaii to . . . → Read More: Sustainable Living Research Resolution proposal

register to vote!

REGISTER TO VOTE. Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance efforts are currently focused on changing government regulatory obstacles to sustainability and community. We need to support candidates who support us!! Register to vote. July 12 is the deadline to register for the August 11, 2012 Primary election. Who May Register to Vote? You . . . → Read More: register to vote!

Pilago seeks code changes- article in newspaper

 Pilago seeks building code alternatives by Nancy Cook Lauer Even as the Hawaii County Council plans a final vote Wednesday on a tough new building code, one councilor want to exempt rural dwellings from some of the provisions.   A resolutions requesting a “Sustainablity Habitat Ordinance”, sponsored by North Kona Councilman . . . → Read More: Pilago seeks code changes- article in newspaper

Compost toilets in state parks

The State has installed these marvels at some parks around, so presumably the DOH finds them acceptable:   <http://www.waterwisetech.net/catalog/index.php?manufacturers_id=27>http://www.waterwisetech.net/catalog/index.php?manufacturers_id=27   They’ve apparently allowed several kinds of composting toilets over the last 15 years here: <>http://www.nps.gov/kaho/index.htm in the shoreline areas north of the boat harbor.  Must be some DOH allowances for that to . . . → Read More: Compost toilets in state parks


There are many eco-friendly solutions to treating sewage onsite that are superior to those mandated by law. This would include “dry” compost and “wet” flushing systems. The EPA requires that septic tanks be built for health and to protect the ground water. Yet with septic tanks sewage is kept in a . . . → Read More: Eco-toilets

Gov Wastewater links… curious

Here are two sites & some startling info I found: 1)  http://hawaii.gov/health/environmental/water/wastewater/pdf/lccmemo.pdf there’s information in a memorandum from Hawaii’s DOH Wastewater Branch to consulting engineers that not only defines rules for cesspools but also appears to state that Hawaii’s rules are in direct conflict with EPA rules, subjecting property owners to . . . → Read More: Gov Wastewater links… curious

“Watson wick” bio-filtration system

I am implementing a “Watson wick” bio-filtration system as part of a project I’m working with on in East Hawai’i. What little info is online is at Art Ludwig’s Oasis Design consulting site (Art is a premier resource for graywater design information): http://www.oasisdesign.net/compostingtoilets/watsonwick.htm There are some unknown number of these designed . . . → Read More: “Watson wick” bio-filtration system